User will land on the dashboard of the last visited campus or user will land on the campus list screen if user is accessing his/her account for the first time and from campus list screen user can navigate to the dashboard of a specific campus.


Screenshot below displays the campus dashboard:

User will be able to upload campus picture when creating a campus from device (where the same campus is opened) and from device this image will be synced to cloud (there is no option to upload the image in cloud). User can click on this image to view a larger preview of this image.

Viewing other modules

To view the other modules of the campus, user needs to click on the ‘Show other modules’ down-arrow.

Screenshot below displays the other modules of the campus:

  • Click the link ‘Hide other modules’ up-arrow to hide the other modules

Moving to another recently-viewed campus from currently viewed campus dashboard:

To move inside the dashboard of another recently-viewed campus present in the same account, user needs to click the down-arrow to open the recently-viewed campuses list. Then from the list, click on any chosen recently-viewed campus to directly navigate to the dashboard of that campus. User can also navigate to the Campus list screen where all the campuses in the account are displayed. 

  • Click the down-arrow beside the campus name to open the list of recently-viewed campuses in the account.

Screenshot below displays the campus selection drop-down:

The current campus where the user is currently placed (on the dashboard of that campus), is identified with a red tick mark.

User can click on any recently-viewed campus to navigate to the dashboard of that campus or can click the link ‘See all campuses’ to navigate to the Campus list screen and from there can navigate to the dashboard of any chosen campus. Also, user can click the ‘ARC Facilities’ logo on the top left-hand corner of the screen to reach the Campus list screen.

User can search for any specific campus using campus name on the search textbox available on the drop-down. To initiate search user needs to click the button to open the ‘Search’ textbox. 

 On the opened up search textbox user can enter campus name and app will fetch and display those campuses in the drop-down whose name matches with the entered keyword either partially or fully. The purpose of this search box is to find out campuses and then navigate to the dashboard of that searched-out campus.

After entering at least 3 characters (keywords), the app will fetch those campus names (search suggestions) whose name partially matches with the entered keywords. For example, if user enters ‘Stan’, the app will fetch all campuses in the list whose name partially or fully matches with the entered keyword. This suggestion will change as user enters more & more of the keyword.


Screenshot below displays that user entered keyword ‘Stan’ in the search textbox:


Search option in campus dashboard:

The search option inside the campus dashboard (under the campus name) is for searching specifically within all the modules of the currently accessed campus.

Note: Refer to Search from Campus dashboard help article to understand how search from dashboard works.