Follow the procedure given here to add and modify values of attributes.

  • Enter the folder from the Campus Folder & Files module.

  • Select the files whose attribute information is to be added or modified by first selecting those files and then clicking on  (More button) at the top right-hand corner of the screen. A number of options within a menu appear.

  • Click on Modify Attributes. The following window appears.

  • You can enter or modify Title, Description & Search Tag of as General Attributes of the file (these are system-generated attributes and are associated with all files). 

  • You can enter values or select values of Custom Attributes as per your requirementCustom Attributes can only be created by the Super Admin user and assign it to various Campuses as per other users' requests

    • Click onbutton to view and select the Custom Fields under the specific Custom Attributes (these field values are only available for selection-type custom attributes). The Custom Fields under specific Custom Attributes are created from Settings > Custom lookup fields screen.

                    Note: The appearance of the red plus button beside the custom attribute means that these fields are                                         selection-based custom attributes and the values of these fields which user can selected are created from the                             Settings > Custom lookup fields screen.

The Custom Field selection screen in shown below.

  • Select a custom field value and that value is populated within the chosen custom attribute

  • Click on Save button to save the file attribute information.

  • Click Close to exit from this window.

Go to Folders & Files screen of a campus > Go inside a folder > Select the files under a folder > Click the [More options] menu button > Click Modify Attributes from 'More' menu > On the opened up Modify Attributes screen (shown below) click the  button to view and select the Custom Fields under the specific Custom Attributes 'Document Type' (this custom fields are created from the Settings > Custom Lookup Fields screen).

The custom attribute cannot be created by the user, it is created by the ARC Super Admin user (ARC internal user) from the back-end. This super user also determines the type of custom attribute i.e. whether any account user accessing the custom attribute in his/her account only needs to enter values or will have to select field values. 

Like, the example taken here is 'Document Type' which is a selection-based custom attribute meaning user can select the values. These values (the Custom Fields) under specific Custom Attribute 'Document Type' are created from Settings > Custom lookup fields screen. Other fields like 'Vendor' is also a selection-based custom attribute meaning you can select values of this field and these values are setup in Custom lookup fields screen in Settings. Other fields like 'Invoice#' & 'Submittal No.' are value-enterable fields meaning user can directly enter the values of these fields (without the requirement of any sort of value creation and selection). Also, there are other fields like 'Date' where user needs to select a date from an in-built calendar (here also user does not need to create any value and then select that value).  

The Custom Field selection screen in shown below.

  • Select the custom field to be displayed on the custom attribute. The value is displayed on the Custom Attribute.

  • Click [Save], the custom fields are saved as values of the custom attribute field of the chosen files (whose custom attributes are modified).

These values of the custom attributes associated with specific files help the user to search for specific files which have custom attributes associated with it and these attributes have specific values. 

Refer to Advanced file search using custom attributes help article for more details on how to streamline and narrow your search for files using the values of custom attributes associated with that file.