Follow the given procedure to view the document history of file(s).

  1. Enter the folder from the Folders & Files module screen. The file(s) of the selected folder is displayed inside it.
  2. Select the file(single-click on the concerned files).
  3. Click on (More button) at the top right-hand corner of the screen. A number of options within a menu appear.
  4. Click on Get info to open the information page of the respective file. The screenshot shows below
  5. Click on the Show other properties. The File Information window appears which is displayed below.
  6. Click on File History/Versions tab. A window appears which is displayed below.

The Changeset name (which is the version of the file), what is the type of change, the name of the user who made the changes, system-comment as per the type of change, the modification date & time are displayed row-wise. Separate modifications on the same file are displayed separately. 

The separate versions of the same file are displayed when a user uploads the same file with the same name but with the option 'New revision' while uploading. The existing file gets replaced by the new version and the new version of the file is displayed on the file grid screen. The older versions are displayed under the File history/versions tab as shown in the screenshot above.

  1. Click on the button to view the file content through the app viewer.

  2. Go through the history and click Close to exit.

Note: To download a particular document click on (Download Document icon), the specific document gets downloaded.