Adding Information on Equipment Parts

Equipment has parts, and these parts must be ordered, and associated with the equipment when a repair is needed. The equipment list has a section where users can store commonly required parts information so that they know what is required. For instance, the part number and filter type for an air filter. This ensures that the Facilities Manager can take the appropriate filter with them when traveling to the roof, rather than making multiple trips. Having this information available also simplifies ordering for the Facilities Manager, as he or she can easily refer to ARC FACILITIES when ordering, rather than having to keep additional notes.

  • Click [Add] button adjacent to the ‘Parts’ section to add information on equipment parts


Fig: Part entry section

  • Enter the relevant information (part name, part number, part description, order instructions, dealer name (from whom the equipment part is ordered)) and link to the order document (in digital form).

  • Click [Save]  button to save and associate the part information with the equipment

Adding Useful Links

Links to external websites may be useful and the system allows links to be stored. These might be links to the product information/specification web page, or a link to the website where a part is ordered.

  • Click [Add] button adjacent to the ‘Useful link’ section to associate external website links with the equipment.

  • Enter the link name & link address and then press [Save] button.

Associating Notes to Equipment

Notes allow the user to store any information that isn’t otherwise categorized.

  • Click [Add] button adjacent to the ‘Notes’ section to add notes with the equipment


Fig: Note entry section

  • Enter text in the notes section directly and click the [Save] button to add the note.


Notes can be edited & deleted. however users cannot enter notes multiple times.

Associating Search Tags to Equipment

Click [Add] button adjacent to the ‘Tags’ section to add any number of string tags to the equipment. Users can search for equipment using the tags associated with the equipment.


Fig: Add tags screen

  • Enter tag strings in the text box (multiple tags can be added separated by comma or semicolon). Press ‘Enter’ and the tags will be instantly added and associated with the equipment.

As the user is adding tags, the application will display a suggestion of similar tags so the user does not add multiple tags of the same description (e.g. Second floor, 2nd floor, Floor 2, etc.). While entering tags only a few special characters are allowed (these should be noted). Also -- please describe the rules on spaces -- this wasn't clear.

  • Click the [Save] button to associate the tags with the equipment

The attached tags are displayed at the bottom of the Tags screen (as shown in the screenshot above). All tags attached with the equipment under the same campus are displayed on the Equipment dashboard screen.

Fig: Equipment dashboard screen with tags [highlighted with red rectangle]

After entering/selecting all the relevant info on the Add equipment screen, click the [Save] button to save the equipment info in the app. The new equipment row will appear on the equipment dashboard or equipment list screen.

 Fig: Newly created equipment [highlighted in the screenshot below] on the Equipment dashboard screen

  • Click the equipment row to view the equipment

Fig: Newly created equipment

Note: Only entering the name of the equipment is mandatory. If the user does not enter a name, then the application auto-generates an untitled timestamp as the name of the equipment which the user can edit.