For occasions when certain equipment requires documentation, users may link the Owner’s Manual or the Maintenance Guide to the equipment. Equipment can have multiple documents linked. For instance, if a building has four air handler units of model Aero39, each of the Aero39 air handlers could be linked to a single owner’s manual document and a maintenance guide, while each might also be linked to their respective invoices or installation certificates.

  • Click on the [Add] adjacent to the Linked files section to attach/link files from ARC Facilities or computer with the equipment

Fig: Linked file selection options (from computer/ARC facilities)

A drop-down appears from where users can navigate to either their local computer or ARC Facilities folder/file screen to attach/link files to the equipment.

Workflow to link a file from ARC Facilities:

Step 1: Click on the [Add] link adjacent to the Linked files section on the Add equipment screen.

Step 2: When a drop-down menu appears, click the [ARC Facilities] button to open the file list present inside the Folders & Files module of the campus.

Step 3: Navigate inside a folder to select files.

Step 4: Clicks to select the file(s) and then click on the [Done] button to link one or more files with the equipment. The count of the linked files is displayed under the Linked files section of the equipment.

Workflow to link a file from the computer:

Step 1: Clicks the [Add] link under the Linked files section on the Add equipment screen

Step 2: When the drop-down menu appears. Click on the [Computer] button to open the computer drive where the files present in the computer are located.

Step 3: Double-click on a file or select a file and then click the [Open] button to link the file to the equipment.

As soon as the user attaches the files, the application will navigate the user back to the Add equipment screen where users can view the count of the attached files. These files are stored with the equipment record, rather than in the ARC Facilities file tree, but are indexed and searchable from the Global and equipment search screens.