Equipment requires maintenance and inspection and Maintenance and Inspection templates can be added for each piece of equipment. These templates are typically used for creating maintenance and inspection schedules. More information on creating templates can be found in the PDF Forms Workflow help articles. Users may also upload new templates manually

Templates can be scheduled as tasks and these tasks can be linked to templates. For instance, a Fire Extinguisher may have a weekly Inspection, and an annual maintenance service. These events would require two separate templates, with different recurring schedules. Whenever a scheduled task is skipped, ARC Facilities generates an alert which is sent to the users listed under “users to notify” and “approvals” in the PDF template through email.  The email alert will be sent one time, immediately after the task expires.

  • Click [Add] adjacent to the Maintenance/Inspection forms section to associate a maintenance / inspection template with the equipment

The Template list screen will appear displaying all the existing PDF templates in the campus. If no templates exist, then this screen will appear blank. Screenshot below displays the Template list screen (showing all the templates from the ‘Forms’ module in the campus):

  • Click on the [Upload] button to upload a new form template inside the PDF Forms module.

Click on a template to select that template (only one template can be selected at a time). As soon as user click on a template, the schedule section appears with Skip option in case task does not require scheduling.

Screenshot below displays the schedule selection for a selected template:

A schedule for a template is selected when a template is uploaded in ARC Facilities and users can change the schedule from this section. Select the start date and form for the template and the recurring period (none, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly). On each recurring date after the scheduling period a notification is sent to the user with instructions to to complete the template and an option to generate a report.

  • After selecting the template, click the [Done] button (on the scheduling pop-up) to associate the template with the PIN. The count of associated PINS is now displayed on the Add Equipment screen.

Access the associated templates and forms created using that template (also add more templates if necessary) from the View Equipment screen (after the equipment details are added in the application).