Users can PIN the location to the piece of equipment on a floor plan through the application viewer. Otherwise, simply select a file (preferably the floor plan on which the equipment exists) from the campus and link the equipment with that floor plan. Location is tracked using metadata fields and photo pinning on a map. These fields are editable at any time.

  • Building -- Optional
  • Floor -- Optional
  • Area -- Optional
  • Photo tagging on a plan/map -- To be done by user (Optional)

Fig: Location section of Add equipment screen

  • Enter location information for equipment which includes entering the building name, floor number, area info (all information is optional).

  • Click on [Add location map] link to pin the location equipment on a building floor plan. User can choose the floor plan, open the plan through the application viewer and then pin the location of the equipment on the floor plan.

  • Click Folders & files to display all the files in the campus (the name of the screen is ‘Add files’)

Fig: Folder & Files screen – equipment location to be pinned on the chosen file

  • Navigate inside a folder to view and select the files inside that folder

  • Click on floor plan of the building (where the equipment is located) to open that file through the Viewer.

 Fig: File opened through the Viewer

  • After the document opens, click the PIN annotation (highlighted in green rectangle in screenshot above on the top right-hand corner) on the toolbar and then click the location on the floor plan where the equipment is located.

Once the PIN is place, Create PIN opens with options to select an icon, attach photos or videos, add a description, or to link to equipment, documents, or PDF reports and to add notes. On the Create PIN screen user needs to associate the equipment (whose location is being determined) with the PIN.

Fig: Create PIN screen

  • Click on [Create] button to create the PIN.

Note: Refer to the Document PIN Workflow help articles for details on how to create a new location pin and then how to associate the new pin with an equipment location. The newly created PIN is displayed on the Viewer screen as an annotation.

 Fig: PIN annotation denoting the location of the equipment on a floor plan (visible through the Viewer)

  • Click on the PIN [highlighted with blue rectangle on the Viewer screen shown above] to open the View PIN screen

Fig: View PIN screen

Once a PIN is created, it is displayed on the Add equipment screen. Users can now view the location PIN within the Location section of the Add equipment screen.

 Fig: Location of the equipment on the Location section of the Add equipment screen.

The name of the file, on which the location of the equipment is pinned, is displayed on this screen.