This section describes the process of attaching photos or videos to an existing or previously added piece of equipment. Click on the [Photo/video] plus sign button, and the Add from drop-down appears. This drop-down will show the following options from where the photo or video can be uploaded:

  • Computer
  • ARC Facilities

To attach photos or videos from a local computer:

  • Click the [Computer] button from the drop-down list
  • Navigate to the folder where images/videos are stored

  • Select one or more photos or videos
  • Click the [Open] button to upload
  • Click the Save button

The selected image(s) are now attached to the equipment.

To attach photos from ARC Facilities:

  •  Click the [ARC Facilities] button to attach photos from the Album module of the ARC Facilities app.

The Album module of ARC Facilities displays the albums and photos that have been saved inside the Album module. Navigate to an album to view the photos within it (for example, AC photos is an album shown in the screenshot above).

  • Click on the photo(s) to select (multiple photos can be selected).

  • Click on the [Done] button to attach the photo to the equipment

The uploaded photos and videos are displayed on the top band of the Add equipment screen [highlighted on the screenshot below using a green rectangle] after attaching photos or videos from the device gallery or a photo from the Album module of the ARC Facilities application.

Note: Similarly, videos can be attached from local computer and ARC Facilities.

Move the mouse cursor over the attached photo, a [More options] button appears, as shown in the screenshot below.

Click on the [More options] button and a drop-down list appears with two options.

Following operations can be performed:

  • Click on [Remove] photo to remove the photo attachment from the equipment
  • Click the [Make display picture] to make this photo as the display picture, which is displayed on the left side of equipment row on the Equipment list screen or Equipment dashboard, as highlighted below:

Click the [Plus] button again on the Add equipment screen to associate more photos or videos to equipment.