This section describes the process of adding new equipment information. The Add equipment screen appears as soon as the user clicks on the [Add Equipment] button from the Equipment Dashboard or Equipment List (All equipment) screen.

Fig: Add equipment modal pop-up screen

In the Add equipment screen, enter/select the following information for equipment:

  • Attach photo/video of the equipment by clicking the [Photo/video] plus button either from the local computer or from the ARC Facilities app. A maximum 10 photos and 5 videos can be added to each piece of equipment.

  • Enter the general info which includes entering name of the equipment, description of the equipment and associate any compliance codes with the equipment, also select the equipment installation date & warranty expiration date (from a calendar)

  • Enter the manufacturer/model info in the Manufacturer/Model section.

  • Enter the equipment location information (Building, Floor & Area) and click the map to determine the location of the equipment via a PIN annotated on a floor plan / map in the Location section.

  • Click [Add] adjacent to the Maintenance/Inspection forms section to associate a maintenance form (PDF form) with the equipment. Maximum of 20 forms can be associated.

  • Click [Add] adjacent to the Linked files section to attach/link files from ARC Facilities or device with the equipment. Maximum of 30 files can be added.

  • Click [Add] adjacent to the Parts section to add information on equipment parts.

  • Click [Add] adjacent to the Useful links section to associate external website links with the equipment. Maximum of 30 links can be added.

  • Enter any notes in the Notes section.

  • Click [Add] adjacent to the Tags section to add any number of string tags with the equipment for searching.

Click the Save button to add equipment after providing the above listed information.

Add Equipment Details

Adding equipment information details in various fields allows for the equipment to be searched based on these values. 

  • Name -- Mandatory (Required)
  • Description -- Optional
  • Install Date -- Optional
  • Warranty Expires -- Optional
  • Manufacturer -- Optional
  • Model -- Optional
  • Serial Number -- Optional
  • Type -- Optional

After entering the information in the associated fields, click on the Save button.