This document describes the O&M Documentation (Equipment Management) module in ARC Facilities

Tasks performed by the Facility Managers as a part of their daily work consists of:

  • Identify the equipment to be repaired
  • Identify the equipment to be maintained
  • Track the equipment location
  • Collect information about the equipment warranty expiration
  • Identify the equipment to be installed and
  • Other details associated with the equipment.

The ARC Facilities Equipment module can include:

  • Photos and videos of the equipment
  • Description and general information about the equipment (e.g. Make/Model/Description)
  • Links to related documents (invoice, warranty, owner’s manual, etc.)
  • Equipment location (description entering, photo of the equipment tagged to a map)
  • Tasks associated with the equipment (scheduled or periodic maintenance & inspection through PDF form module)

The Equipment Management module is a part of ARC facilities. Users of ARC Facilities can add and track equipment information in the module which are searchable through metadata. Equipment can be added in the application by either of the following:

  • Manual addition of equipment in the ARC Facilities device and cloud application
  • Importing a list of equipment in excel/xml/CSV files from a local system to ARC Facilities cloud appThe imported equipment details in cloud can be synced back to the user's mobile device.