If you are a new user and do not have an ARC Facilities account then you need to register first to access the ARC Facilities application. 

Enter the ARC Facilities application URL (https://app.arcfacilities.com) in the browser address bar. The ARC Facilities Sign-in screen appears.

The screenshot below displays the sign  in screen of the ARC Facilities application,

Follow the given procedure to register. 

1. Click on the  Start free trial link to start the registration process of the ARC Facilities application.  

The Start free trial screen appears.

The screenshot below displays the Start free trial screen.

2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email ID (this will be your log-in ID), Phone, and Password (This will be your login password) in their respective text boxes (all fields are mandatory). And then click on the [I'm not a robot] captcha for verification.

3. After entering all the information click on the Start trial button to complete the registration as a new user to ARC Facilities.

Purchasing Licensed Account  

If you want to upgrade the account from the trial account to a licensed account then you need to follow the below steps, 

  • After creating an account you will move to the ARC Campus dashboard screen. From that screen, you need to click on the My Profile button (at the top navigation bar on the right side) and then click on the [Buy now] menu button on the opened menu just beside Trial license text. 

Screenshot showing the 'Buy now' button:

The following message is displayed “Thank you for your interest. Our professional service team will connect to you shortly.” as shown below in the screenshot.