Users can download the ARC Facilities Sync app (for Windows & Mac) and ARC Facilities Mobile apps (for iOS & Android) from Utilities screen.

Screenshot below displays the 'Utilities' link [highlighted with red rectangle] at the bottom of the application screen: 

  • Click the 'Utilities' link to open the ARC Facilities utilities pop-up box.

The screenshot below displays the 'ARC Facilities utilities' pop-up box:

  • Click the 'Windows' (32 bit or 64 bit) or 'Mac' link to download the ARC Facilities Sync app for Windows or Mac, respectively.
  • Click the 'iOS' or 'Android' link to download the mobile app for ARC Facilities for iOS device or Android device, respectively. Clicking the 'iOS' link to navigate the user to the Apple store from where user can download the app in his/her iOS device. Clicking the 'Android' link will navigate the user to the Google Play store from where the user can download the app in his/her Android device.

Note: You can click the 'MSI installer' link to download Windows installer in your local system (if needed).