Associate Equipment with a PIN

  • Click on [Add] button beside the Equipment section, to associate an equipment with the PIN.

The equipment list screen will now appear displaying all the equipments from the Equipment module of the campus.

  • Click on one equipment row to select that equipment.

  • Click on [Done] button associate the equipment with the PIN

Before associating an equipment with PIN, user can view that equipment by clicking the  [View] button. This equipment view screen will appear. In this manner, user will be able to associate one equipment at a time with the PIN.

The associated equipment [highlighted in the screenshot below] is now displayed on the Create pin screen.

User can view the associated equipment details and add more equipments (if necessary) from the Create PIN screen and from the View PIN screen (which appears after the PIN is created). 

Add Forms to a PIN

  • Click [Add] button beside the Forms’ section (on the ‘Create PIN’ screen) to associate a maintenance / inspection template with the PIN.


The Form templates screen will appear, displaying all the form templates present in the Forms module of the campus.

User will click on a template to select that template (only one template can be selected at a time). As soon as user selects a template, the schedule section appears with Skip option in case user does not require scheduling.

A schedule for a template is selected when a template is uploaded in ARC Facilities. But user can change the schedule from this section. User can select the start date from which form will be generated from the template and the recurring period (none, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly) of the form to be generated by the user. On each recurring date after the scheduling period a notification is send to the user stating that user needs to fill up the template and generate a form.

Note: The schedule specified here should affect only this instance of the report. For instance, if user uploads an inspection template and then links the same template to several PINs, he should be able to specify a different inspection interval for each use (pinned location) of the form (created using this template).

  • After selecting the template, user will click the [Done] button (on the scheduling pop-up) to associate the template with the PIN.

User can access the associated templates and the forms created using that template (also add more templates if necessary), edit the associated template, detach the template from the PIN and create new form from the template from the Create PIN screen and also from the View PIN screen (which appears after the PIN is created).

Link Files to a PIN

  • Click on [Add] button beside the Linked files section to link a file with the PIN.

A pop-up menu appears, from where user can navigate to local computer drive or ARC Facilities folder/file screen to attach/link files with the PIN.

Note: All files loaded to ARC Facilities are indexed and full-content searchable, regardless if they are stored in Folders & Files module or if they are associated directly to an object.

Attaching files from ARC Facilities:

  • Click the ‘ARC Facilities’ option to attach files from the Folders & Files module.


The Folders & Files module first screen will appear displaying all the folders.

  • Navigate inside a folder to view the files.

  • Click on the file(s) to choose the files to be linked (multiple files can be selected).

  • Click [Done] to attach the files with the form.

Attaching files from Computer:

Click the ‘Computer’ option to attach files from the local computer drive.

  • Double-click on a file to select it or single-click on a file to select it and then click [Open] button to attach the file(s) with the form.

 Screenshot below displays attached files:

User can do the following with the files.

  • Delete the linked file from the application (if attached from computer) or detach the file link from the PIN (if attached from ARC Facilities – Folders & Files module) using the [Remove] button which appears after clicking the  [More options] menu button.


The ‘Remove’ button is shown below.

  • On the Create PIN screen, after adding all information (attaching photo/video, adding description, associating equipment & form, linking files and adding notes) click the [Create] button to create the PIN.

The saved PIN icon is visible on the document through the Viewer. This PIN icon is the selected icon of the equipment (selected from the ‘Create PIN’ screen).