This document introduces the concept of PIN, describes the process of creating a PIN on a floor plan/map via application viewer and associating that PIN (which is essentially a location) with an equipment and/or a maintenance/inspection form of an equipment, within ARC FACILITIES (cloud).

Users are now be able to create custom PINs on a building plan/map. These PINs essentially identify the locations of equipments inside a campus building. This document describes the ability to create and place custom PINs inside a document, using the app viewer. During PIN creation, users can associate a picture/video of the location, associate the equipment (from the Equipment module of ARC Facilities) whose location is being determined, associate a picture/video of the equipment, associate the maintenance/inspection form of the equipment (from the Forms module of ARC Facilities), add a description of the location, add notes regarding the location and link any files (from Folders & Files module of ARC Facilities or from local device drive).

What is a PIN?

A PIN is an object which is pinned to a specific location on a campus plan/map. The PIN contains a customizable icon (selected from a predefined list), a description, notes and links to other objects (equipment and/or forms). Objects that can be linked from a PIN are:

  • Photos / Videos of equipment/location
  • Documents (Linked files)
  • PDF Forms
  • Equipment

A PIN may link to multiple items. For example, two pictures and three equipment records, and two PDF reports. PINs can be created and edited from both the cloud and the device.


The viewer is the only place in both cloud and mobile devices to view and use pinning functionality in ARC FACILITIES.


Permissions are controlled by the standard permissions system. If a user has create/modify permission for the folder containing the PDF file, then the user has permission to create/modify PINs on those files. There are no other separate permissions or restrictions related to PINs.