On the Forms screen, the user can view all the templates. If the user wants to create a new form based on a specific template, then the user needs to click on the [Create] icon beside that specific template row. This button is highlighted in the Forms screen shown below.

  • Click on the [Create] button beside a specific form template to create a new form under that specific template.

The template to be filled up is displayed on the left side of the screen. Users can view the template in full screen or zoom in and out of the template view

  • Enter/select the relevant information in the template (click to select checkboxes or enter text in the comments textbox)

The information entered is based on the template type. For instance, a template may be a timesheet, logging hours worked by employees, or an Inspection form of an equipment. If a signature field is included in the form template, then the user will be able to sign, using the mouse cursor.

Signature Field

For a form requiring a signature, the view will provide an option to sign. The signature field is shown in the screenshot below.

The user will click on the ‘Signature’ field, and a pop-up window will appear.


The screenshot below shows the signature field pop-up window.

Users can move the mouse cursor over the blue area to draw the signature.

  • To change the color of the signature, click any of the color radio buttons – red, blue, or black
  • Tick the checkbox ‘Save signature’ to save the user’s signature for future use.
  • Click the [Clear signature] button to clear your sign from the blue area.

Once the signature is complete, the user will click [Done], the ‘Signature’ pop-up window will close, and the signature field will be populated. The next time this user clicks within the signature field on one of the forms, a pop-up window will appear with two options: The first will be a photo of their saved signature, and the other will be an option to create a new signature. If a user selects a saved signature, the signature will auto-populate on the form. If they wish to create a new signature, they will select the “New Signature” option.

After drawing a signature it is shown on the ‘Signature’ field of the template.

Users can select a drawn signature and increase or decrease the signature size as shown below.

Once the user returns to the Create form screen:

  • The application displays the auto-populated form number. This number cannot be changed by the user. If previously 54 forms have been created using this template, then the form no. for this new for which is being created will be 55.

  • Users can accept the auto-populated (today) form date or select a new form date (this date may not be the current date on which the user is creating the form, as the user can select any date as the form date). The actual form creation date is stored separately and will be displayed in the form activity section.

  • Approval type & Users to notify is fetched from the template under which the form is being created. These cannot be changed from Create form screen.
    • If the form has an approving authority as ‘Single approval required’ or ‘All must approve’, then you can view the users who have approval authority.

    • Also listed are the users who will be notified if there is any status change of the form or comment added.