Follow the instruction below to add existing/new user(s) as team members to your team:

  • Navigate with the Campus Team screen.

  • Select a campus on the left-side panel. The team members are displayed on the right-side panel.

  • Clickmenu button. The User list window pops up.
  • Select one or more users (by ticking the checkbox beside the users) and then click the [Add] button to include the selected users as members of the team. Hence, existing users are added as new members of the team.
  • To add a new user and then add that new user as a new member directly into the team click [Add New User] button.

The Add/Edit User screen appears as shown below.

  • Please fill up all the necessary fields in the form, select the type of user license. You have to fill up all the mandatory fields in order to add the member. The user gets added in the list of team members.

           Note: Please Refer Adding New User screen help for more details.

  • Click [Save] to save and include the newly created user within the new team or click [Cancel] to exit from the window without saving the user.