Create New Team

Follow the given procedure to create a new team:

  • Click(Add button) on the top right-hand side of the screen or the button over the left-side panel. The Create a New Team screen appears.

  •  Enter the team name in the Team Name text box at the top of the screen.

After entering the team name, user needs to include new team members in the team.

Follow the given procedure to add team members from User list, delete any team members from the team or resend inclusion notification.


Adding Team Member(s) from User list

Any individual users (team members) who have access to the application (saved as user in the user list - created from Settings > User management) can be added under the new team.


  1. Clickmenu button. The User list window pops up.
    You can search the contacts by entering appropriate User name, User Last Name, Company Name, Email, Phone or User License Type or you can search it alphabetically by scrolling down the list of User name.

  2. Select the users from the list by ticking the checkbox beside the chosen User(s).

  3. Click Add and the selected member(s) get included within the team.

  4. Click Close to exit from the Users window.

Also, you can click on (Add New User button) to create a new user.

Also you can delete these users from the User list by clicking on  button.

Note: For more details on Users screen please refer to User management module section in this help.


Screenshot below displays the newly added team members from user list:

After a new team member joins that member will be receiving a notification that he/she has been joined with the new team and will have access to the Campus (under which the team is created).

  • Select any team member and then click on Delete team members from the menu to delete the selected members.

  • Select any team member and then click on Resend Team Inclusion Notification to the newly included members to resend the joining notification in case the team member did not receive a joining notification through email. An email notification will be transmitted to the newly joined members immediately from the application.

Also, you can edit individual team member information by clicking the button.

  • Click [Save & Close] to save the team and close the current window. A confirmation message appears stating that a new team has been created.

  • The newly created team name will be displayed on the Campus Teams screen at the left-hand panel.

  • If you don't want to save the team, then click the [Back] button to navigate back to the Campus Teams screen.