Campus teams created under a specific Campus will have access to that Campus with special privileges and can perform various activities associated with the Campus, depending on the permission given. Members of a Campus team are included from the Settings > User Management or a new team member can be created directly and included in the team. Follow the given procedure to access the Campus teams module.

  • The Home screen of the last accessed campus (during user's last login) opens by default when you log in to the ARC Facilities application. Otherwise, if you want to access the team screen of a different campus click the ARC Facilities logo at the top left side of the 'Home' screen to navigate to the 'Campuses' screen (which displays the list of all campuses in the account) and then move inside a particular campus to reach the Home screen of that campus. Again, if you are logging in to the application for the first time then you will reach the 'Campuses' screen where you can create new campus and then access that campus. Both ways you will reach the Home screen of the campus.

Fig: Home screen of a campus

  • Click the [Team] module button [highlighted in the screenshot above] to move inside the Teams screen of the campus.  

Fig: Campus team screen

You can also navigate inside the 'Teams' module from any other module of the same campus by clicking the   button at the top-ribbon and then clicking the  button.

Screenshot below displays the navigation menu to Team screen from any other module:

Left-side panel:

The following operations can be performed on teams (from left-side panel) where the existing teams are displayed:

  • Click on [Edit] button to modify team name, include/exclude team members

  • Click on [Delete] button to remove a team from the app

  • Click on button to add new team

  • Click on button to manage team permission

  • Click on  button to sort teams (move teams up and down the panel)

Right-side panel:

The right-side panel displays the members of the team select on the left-side panel of the screen. You can view the name, company name, work phone and email address of the each member. Also, you can view the campus invitation status of each member (whether they have accepted the invitation to join the campus team {green flag}, rejected the invitation {red flag} or not yet responded to the invitation {orange flag}).

  • Click on [Edit] button to modify a member information and/or change user type. Refer to Add/Edit User for more information.

Campus change:

You can click on   to change campus. Once you click this button you will be navigated to the Campus list screen from where you can navigate inside another campus and then move inside the Team screen of that other campus.

Operations on team members:

The following operations can be performed on team members under any selected team (from right-side panel):

  • You can enter keyword within 'Search' textbox, then select any of the properties of Team Members such as Contact Name, Company Name, Email or Response Status (from 'In' drop-down) and then click on (Search button) to carry out the search. If you select Contact Name then the application will search the entered string among the various Contact Names of the team members.

  • Click on  (Reset button) to revert any changes you have made.

  • Click on  (Add button) to create a new team.

  • Click on  (Export button) to export the list of team members in CSV format or directly in an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Click on (Add team members button) to add a team member into the current team from the User list.

  • Click on (Delete button) to delete any selected team member (first you will have to select one or more team member by ticking the checkbox before the team member name to delete the member)

  • Click on (More button) and the following options appear [highlighted with green rectangle in screenshot below]:
    Hence you can do the following from the [More options] menu:

    • Accept response of Campus invitation send to you for joining a campus team (the campus owner can do this on behalf of you)

    • Resend campus invitation notification to a user who has not yet accepted campus invitation

  • View/Edit response of Campus invitation send to any team member by clicking (Flag button). Green Flag means team member has already accepted Campus invitation while Orange Flag means user has not yet responded to Campus invitation & Red Flag means team member has declined Campus information.

You can change the invitation status from accepted to declined for a user who has not yet responded to the campus invitation (for a long period) and enter remarks (you can do this if you are the campus or account owner). But you will not be able to change campus invitation response status for a user who has already accepted or declined the invitation offer. You can only enter remarks in that case.

  • Click [Save & Close] to save the changes made