Following are links to short videos demonstrating common functions of ARC Facilities.

Each video is 60-120 seconds long.


How to Sign-In to ARC Facilities

Steps to sign in to ARC Facilities.


How to Sign-Out of ARC Facilities

Steps to sign out of ARC Facilities.


How to Reset your Password

Steps to reset your password.


Make information available when Offline.

View detailed campus information and make select information available offline, without an internet connection.


Finding As-Builts using List View

An organized list showing all renovations by name and date.


Finding As-Builts using Map View

Using layered maps to identify the correct renovation and as-built documents.


Using Campus Maps & Resources

Find information related to the campus, but not necessarily a specific building.


Searching for Emergency Equipment

How to instantly find Emergency Equipment in the app.


Viewing Emergency Equipment by Type

Find equipment by type on a map and view details.


Using Other Maps & Resources

Use Other Maps & Resources to store more specialized information, unique to your organization.


Finding Shut-offs and sort by Type

Two videos to help find Shut-offs by map or type.


Viewing Equipment Locations on a Map

View all the capital equipment on a floor.


Viewing Equipment by Type

Find equipment by type on a map and view details.