User can click the 'Contact Us' link (present at the bottom of the screen) to ask for help from ARC support team or to hand to over the account to ARC support team for a limited period for troubleshooting account problems.

Screenshot below displays the 'Contact Us' link [highlighted with red rectangle] at the bottom of the application screen:

  • Click the 'Contact Us' link to open the Contact Us pop-up box

Screenshot below displays the 'Contact Us' pop-up box:

Asking help from ARC support team

  • Click on the 'Click here' link to navigate to the ARC Facilities knowledge base which contains comprehensive help documentation

            If you wants assistance from the ARC support team then:

  • Select the type of request from the drop-down. These could be:
    • I have a general question/comment (General Request)
    • I'm having a problem (Support Request)
    • I have a feature suggestion (Enhancement Request)
  • Enter your questions, comments or suggestions in the textbox provided
  • Attach any supporting file or screenshot depicting the problem/issue/suggestion/question from your local computer
  • Click [Submit] button to submit your request (question/suggestion/comment) to the ARC support team for quick resolution

Handing over account access to ARC support team for troubleshooting

  • On the Contact Us pop-up box, click the 'Provide temporary access to support' link to hand over your account access to the ARC support team for a brief period for troubleshooting purpose

After you click this link, you need to select the duration for which the ARC support team will have access to the account.

  • Select the duration from the drop-down and click [Next] button to move to the Confirm access pop-up box.

Note: The maximum duration that can be selected is 7 days and the minimum duration is 1 day

Screenshot below displays the Confirm access screen:

  • Enter the reason why you are contacting ARC support team in the textbox provided
  • Enter your ARC Facilities sign in password
  • Click [Grant Access] button to let the ARC support team access your account and then troubleshoot your account within selected duration.

After granting access, a confirmation screen appears displaying the duration for which you granted the access and also option to extend or revoke the access.

If you want you can do the following:

  • Click [Extend access] button to increase the duration of your account access by the ARC support team
  • Click [Revoke access] button to terminate the access granted to the ARC support team