Follow the instruction below to add existing team member(s) from another team of the campus to the current team of the campus:

  • Navigate with the Campus Team screen.

  • Select a campus on the left-side panel. The team members are displayed on the right-side panel.

  • Click the  (More button) and the More options menu appears.

  • Click [Add existing team member(s)] button. The Campus team members screen appears as shown below.

  • Select All Campus Members or select individual team (existing in the campus) from the Campus Team Member drop-down list.

    Note: You will not be able to select the same team where you are adding the team member.

  • After selecting the team (all or individual), select the members who have either Not yet Responded or Accepted or all members (All Responses) from the adjacent drop-down list. Or, you can scroll down the list of contacts to search team members alphabetically.

  • Select the members whom you want to add in the new team by ticking the checkbox.

  • Click Add and the selected member(s) get included within the team, then proceed to add the next member.

  • Click Add & Close to select the chosen member(s) to be included within the team and close the Campus Team Members window immediately afterwards.

  • Click Close to exit from the window.