Approving/Rejecting a Form

User can open a form with status ‘Pending’ and click the [Approve] button to approve that form or click the [Reject] button to reject that form.

Forms associated with Approval type as ‘Single approval required’ will be approved/rejected if any one of the assigned user approves/rejects the form. Once approved or rejected, the form status is updated to ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’. After a form has been marked Approved or Rejected, the form is no longer editable. If a user wants to resubmit a Rejected form, they can do so by pressing a “Resubmit” button after opening a form with status ‘Rejected’.

Viewing a Rejected Form and Resubmitting Form

Click on a form row with status ‘Rejected’ to open that form. Below is a form with the status as ‘Rejected’ with approval type as ‘Single approval required’.

As you can see in the screenshot above, since the Approval type is ‘Single approval required’, only one user has rejected the form and the status of the form has become ‘Rejected’. The other user won’t be able to do anything on the rejected form now except for resubmitting the form (which both users can do).

For a rejected form, user can go to the PDF template on the left-side of the screen and update/edit information in the template and then click [Resubmit form] button to submit the form to the same approval authorities again. The resubmitted form will have the same number as the rejected form.

  • Click the [Resubmit form] button to submit the rejected form again to same user. Screenshot below displays a resubmitted form.

Viewing an Approved Form

Click on a form row with status ‘Approved’  to open that form. Below is a form with the status as ‘Approved’ with approval type as ‘Single approval required’.

User will be able to view the info selected/entered in the template (non-editable – users won’t be able to change template info) based on which the form is created, the user to notify (if any), the files and images attached and the status change history & comments under the Activity section.

Forms associated with Approval type as ‘All must approve’ will be approved only if all users in the list approves the form. Any single user rejecting the form will cause the status to become ‘Rejected’. If all listed users Approve the form, it is listed as ‘Approved’. Until all users approve, or any user rejects, the form is listed as ‘Pending’. Users may not override one another. All users with the ability to see the form can submit comments at any time before approval.

Copying, Downloading & Sending form Link

Open a form and click the [Duplicate] button to create a duplicate copy of the form. Screenshot below displays the [Duplicate] button [highlighted with green rectangle] on an opened up form.

For example, if the form that you are copying has a form number 1 (as shown in the screenshot above), then the duplicate will have form number as 2. Also whatever may be the status of the form that is being copied, the status of the duplicate form will always be ‘Draft’. Screenshot below displays a duplicate form with status as ‘Draft’ [highlighted with green rectangle].

Open a form and click the  [More options] button to open the menu where the ‘Download’ and ‘Send link’ button is shown.

Click [Download] button to download the form in PDF format along with its meta-information (like form date, submitted date, submitted by, form status, approval type and name of approvers) in your local computer. This button is only available for submitted forms with status pending, approved or rejected) to download the form in the local computer. Screenshot below displays the downloaded form with meta-data and template.

Click the [Share link] button to share the access link of the form to another user. The ‘Share form link’ pop-up box appears.

The auto-generated access link to be send to the recipient’s email ID is shown above.

  • Enter the recipient email ID (only email ID of users with access to the campus can be selected) and add the message

The recipient will receive an email from the application with access link to the form. Sign-in is not required to access the PDF forms through email, if the recipient is already signed-in to the application through the same browser. Only Approve, Reject and Comment option will be available to the recipient on the opened up form. On the browser tab where the form opens, the back button and refresh button will appear disabled. After recipient completes approval or rejection with or without comment, browser tab will close automatically.