Delete Template

This section describes the process of deleting Form Template file. Single or multiple template files can be deleted in one shot.

Delete single template:

  • On the Templates list screen, click  [Delete] button on a template row to delete that individual template from the application.

Delete multiple templates:

  • On the Templates list screen, move your mouse cursor over the  template icon and a checkbox will appear instead of the icon.
  • Click to select the checkboxes

Similarly, multiple template rows can be selected in this way. Also, a delete button will appear at the top right-hand corner of the screen. This is shown in the screenshot below.

  • Click [Delete] button [highlighted with red rectangle in the screenshot above] to delete the selected templates at one shot.


Note: Only an empty template can be deleted, a template which has been used to create a form cannot be deleted.

Download Form Template

This section describes the download template process. On the Templates list screen, click [Download] button on a template row to download the selected template in PDF format in the local computer drive.

Edit Form Template

This section describes the template edit process. On the Templates list screen, click the  [Edit] button to change. The ‘Edit template’ screen will appear as shown below.

  • Click on [Replace form] button to change the existing PDF template (this template needs to be filled up by the user to generate the form). As soon as user clicks this button, application will ask the user to upload an updated version of the current template from the local computer drive.

    All new form moving forward will utilize the newly uploaded template but the form number will not start over. For instance, if there have been 32 daily forms created using this template and then the template is replaced, the next form would be #33 created based on the newly updated template.

User will be able change the template name, approval type, schedule of form generation, users to notify, tags and save location at any time. All changes affect only the go-forward form, not the historical ones. For instance, ‘Users to notify’ may change based on people joining or leaving the team and Tags may change based on users finding better ways to search for items, or schedule of inspection may change based on stuff availability.

  • Modify/edit the relevant information and then click the [Save] button to save the modified template. User is navigated back to the Forms screen.