This section describes the PDF forms module to be introduced as a plug-able module in ARC Facilities in device. This document describes the PDF form module in ARC Facilities. Users will upload predefined PDF form templates into ARC FACILITIES. Predefined PDF templates can be created using Acrobat or any PDF forms creation tool (third party) in the local computer. ARC internal team will also supply sample PDF templates in ARC FACILITIES which users can utilize if desired. 

Users can open these PDF templates in ARC FACILITIES & fill the info (maintenance logs, inspection forms, compliance forms etc.) & submit for approval or save as draft. As soon as user populates a template and submits that template for approval or saves that filled up template as draft, that template is converted into a form. Hence, users can generate multiple forms from a single template. During uploading a template in the app users can schedule form generation from that template on a periodic basis (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly). Based on the schedule users will get notification that they need to generate a form from the template.

Navigation to Forms Module

Users will sign in to the ARC Facilities cloud > Navigate inside a campus > Click the [Forms] module button on the campus Home screen.

 Fig: Home screen of a campus (‘Forms’ module button highlighted with red rectangle)

After clicking the [Forms] button, user will reach the Forms screen.


Fig: Forms screen

The Forms screen will display the list of templates which have been uploaded by the user on the left-hand side of the screen and the tags associated with templates on the right-hand side of the screen. Each template is displayed in a separate row with name of template, form count (no. of forms generated from this template), uploader name and approval type. User should be able to do the following on the forms home screen:

  • Click on  button to change the campus

If user selects another campus instead of the current one, then all form templates within the selected campus will be displayed on the Forms screen instead of the current list of templates.

  • Click on any of the template row to view all the forms (at various stages – with status as ‘Draft’, ‘Submitted’, ‘Approved’, Rejected’) created using this template.

  • Click the respective buttons to create forms from the template, edit the template information, delete the template (and subsequently all forms inside it) or download a template in the local computer.

  • Click the [Add template] button to upload a new template from the local computer.

  • Click the [Export] button to export the template list (with various info like template name, uploader name, approval type, schedule frequency, schedule date, attached document name, save location of attached file, form count, create date) in a CSV format to the local computer.

  • Enter template name as the search keyword to search for templates. The application will fetch templates that have names matching the entered keyword.

  • Click one or more tags (which are associated with a template during uploading of a template) to search for templates which are associated with the selected tags.

 Note: In the Forms module, user can click the  [Back] button to navigate back to the previous screen.