Create New Group

Follow the given procedure to create a new contact group.


  1. Click  (Create Group button) from the Address Book screen to create a new group. The New Group screen appears.

  1. Enter a group name in the 'Group Name' text box.

  2. Enter the notes in the 'Notes' text box. You can enter why this group is being created, what will the group user do, what functionalities of the Campus will the group user have access to etc.

  3. Click  (Add Group Members button). The Contact Selection window pops up. This is shown below,

        5. Search for contacts or select the contacts from the list.

  • Alternatively, you can click Add New Contact button to move to the Add/Edit Contact screen and create a new contact to be added to the group.

        6. Click Add. The selected contacts will get added under the new group which is being created.

The selected contacts are displayed under the Contact/Group name row-wise in the New Group window. This is shown below.


  • You can select group members and click on [Delete] button to remove the selected Contact(s) from the new group.

  • You can click on [Delete All] button to remove all the group members from the new group.

  • Click [Add group members] button to add more members to the new group.

  • After adding the group members from the contact list click Save to save the group members. A confirmation message appears.

  • Click OK to create the new group. Alternatively, click [Back] to move back to the Address Book screen without creating the group.

Once on the Address Book screen, you can view the newly created group on the Contacts List View grid section.

Remove Group

Follow the given procedure to remove contact(s)/group from the list of contacts.

  1. Open the Address Book screen.

  2. Select the contact/group name that you want to remove from the list by ticking the checkbox beside each contact/group.

Screenshot below displays the selected contacts/groups and the highlighted 'Delete' button:
3. Click[Delete] button. A warning message appears.

4. Click OK and the selected contact/group is removed from the list.