Follow the given procedure to add a new contact.

  1. Click   (Add New Contact button) from the Address Book screen to create and include a new contact within the address book. The Add/Edit Contact window appears. This is shown below.

  1. Fill the fields within the Contact Information section. Fields which are not marked as Optional, are mandatory field. First name & email ID are mandatory fields.

  2. Under the User License Information section select type of the new contact as Employee, Shared User or just an individual Account Contact (called Lite User after getting access to a campus).

       Type of users:

  • Employee users are employees of the company which owns the licenses for the Campus. An employee user may access all areas of the Campus that they have been assigned permissions for, which may also include the ability to assign permissions, add or remove Campuses from the account and purchase or reassign licenses.

  • Shared users may participate in all areas of the Campus that you provide them permission. They may view files, upload and download files etc. A Shared user is typically a Campus partner.

  • An Account Contact is just a contact and does not have access to any Campus. Once this user is granted access to a Campus, it becomes a Lite User. Lite user have the ability to view, markup and download files from the Campus Files library.

        4. Click Save to create the contact & exit the window. Alternatively, click Cancel to discard the added information.

The newly added contact will be displayed on the Address Book screen.