Contacts is a book or a database used for storing entries called contacts. The Contacts screen is the address book of the application. Also, groups of contacts can be created within which existing contacts can be included. Each contact entry usually consists of a few standard fields (for example: first name, last name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, mobile phone number). These contacts do not have access to campuses unless they are given access. When a contact is given permission to access a campus by including that contact in the campus team, then contact is converted to a Lite user.

Follow the given procedure to access the Contacts screen:

  1. Sign-in to the ARC Facilities application,

  2. Click  (Contacts button) at the top right-hand side of the screen. The Contacts screen appears.


The screen above displays the Individual & Group Contacts saved in the application. The name of each group contacts/individual contacts, Company Name, Email Address, Work Phone is displayed for each Group/Individual Contact.


Operations which can be performed in this screen:

  • Click on [Add New Contact] button to enter information regarding a new contact.

  • Click on [Create Group] button to create a new contact group within which new contacts can be included.

  • Enter keyword to search for specific group/individual contacts using contact/group name, contact last name, company name, email, phone, user license type.

  • Click on  [Delete] button to delete one or more selected  Group/Individual Contact(s).

  • Click on  [Import] button to load large amount of contact information in bulk within the Address Book of the application from your local system through a CSV or Excel file.

  • Click on  [Export] button to download contact list from the Address Book screen within the default 'Download' folder of your local system in CSV format or excel.

  • Click on Group Name link to view the individual contacts included in the group. You can edit individual group member information from inside the Group_Name - Member screen.

  • Click on  button to modify individual contact information.