Follow the given procedure to forward a specific message.

  1. Navigate to the User Messages screen and click the 'Alerts' folder on the tree menu. The alert messages within the selected folder are displayed in the right-side panel.

  2. Click on the(Forward button) adjacent to the contact name. The Send message window appears. This is shown below.

  1. Click(Recipient Selection button) to add the team member's email ID to whom you want to forward the message in the To selection-box. The members of the team which has access to the campus are displayed in a pop-up window.

  2. Select any or all of the team member(s) by ticking the checkboxes beside a member.

  3. Click Add & Close. The selected team members will be displayed beside the 'To' field of the Send Message window.

  4. Check the auto-populated subject and message body and make modifications if required. After forwarding this message is displayed in the 'Notifications' screen within the 'Alerts' folder.

  5. Select the Send email notification check box if you want to send the forwarded message as an email notification to the recipient.

  6. Click Send & Close. The message and notification will be sent and the Send message window will close automatically.

        The newly forwarded message [highlighted in screenshot below] is displayed on the 'Notifications' screen under 'Alert' folder as shown below,