Follow the given procedure to access the User Message screen.

  1. After opening the application, navigate inside a campus.

  2. Upon reaching the dashboard screen of a campus, click the [Folders & Files] button.

  3. On the Folders & Files screen inside a campus, click the  [Notification] button to reach the 'User Message' screen.

The left-side panel of this screen displays the user message folder under which the alerts generated in the campus are displayed. The right-side of the screen displays the alert messages under a selected folder on the left-side panel. Under the 'User Message' folder, there is an 'Alert' folder. Inside the 'Alert' folder, the alerts generated from the application for today (current date) is displayed under the 'Today's' folder and the alerts generated from the application for other days are displayed under the 'Others' folder.

  • Alerts - Alerts are system-generated messages. Any type of activity performed by users on any Campus folders & files will be displayed as alert. These activities may include addition of files in a folder, file deletion from folder etc. Today's i.e. Current Date's activities are displayed in Today's folder, and other days activity alerts are displayed in Others folder.

Setup Alerts

To make the alerts appears as notification at folder level - Go to Folders & Files module of a campus > Select a folder to view the files under that folder on the right-side panel > Click the  [More] button to open the menu > on the menu click [Set Alerts] button.

The 'Alert' pop-up screen appears.

  • Select the folder subscription checkbox such that application will display alert notifications on the 'Notifications' screen when any file within the folder is added, deleted or changed (title, description, custom field).

If you want alert for only individual files within a folder then you need to select the checkboxes beside the chosen files to select those files and then click the [Set Alerts] button from the [More] menu. When the 'Alert' pop-up screen appears, do not select or deselect the folder subscription checkbox and select the file subscription checkbox. Once you select the file subscription checkbox, application will generate alerts and display those alerts on the 'Notifications' screen for any change in the selected files (title, description, search tag) and for deletion of the selected files.

Note: Refer to Setting Alerts for Folder/Files help file for more details on setting alert.