You need to fill up all profile related information after you register to ARC Facilities application. The menu displays the name of the currently logged in user, the License Type & the license expire date.

From My Profile menu, user can perform the following activities related to his/her license and profile:

  • User can update/modify his/her profile through the My Profile screen

  • User can view order history (Print orders generated)

  • User can manage recycle bin by moving the file to source location or deleting file permanently

  • User can also log-out from the application through this menu

        Following screen displays the access to My Profile menu and highlights the menu items:

  • Click [My profile] menu item to navigate inside the My profile screen.

My Profile screen lets you edit your profile, the information of which you had entered after registering to the application. You can also change your User ID and Password for accessing ARC Facilities from this screen.

Note: If two-step authentication is enabled, then you can set change PIN and provide answers to security questions from this screen.

  • You can modify profile information from this screen (First name & Email ID are mandatory fields)

  • Change the User ID from the Login Info textbox.

  • Click 'Change password' link to replace the old password with a new one to access the application.

  • After modifying profile information click on [Save] button to update profile information.