Campus images/photos/pictures are uploaded (from local computer) and stored inside separate folders within the 'Album' module of a campus.

Follow the given procedure to access the Campus Album screen:


  1. The Home screen of the last accessed campus (during user's last login) opens by default when you log in to the ARC Facilities application.

    Otherwise, if you want to access the team screen of a different campus click the [Campuses] button at the top of the 'Home' screen to             navigate to the 'Campuses' screen (which displays the list of all campuses in the account) and then move inside a particular campus to reach the Home screen of that campus. Again, if you are logging in to the application for the first time then you will reach the 'Campuses' screen where you can create new campus and then access that campus or access the demo campus. Both ways you will reach the Home screen of the campus.

    Fig: Home screen of a campus
    2. Click the [Albums] module button [highlighted in the screenshot above] to move inside the Campus album screen of the campus.        

    Fig: Campus team screen

    Left-side panel:

    The left-side panel displays the various albums under the campus in a tree structure. The album folder highlighted in yellow is the currently selected album and the photos of that album are displayed on the right-side panel. You can add rename album, download album, share album, remove album, delete specific photos within a selected album from this panel.The following operations can be performed on albums (from left-side panel:lick on any album folder to view the photos under that particular album on the right-side panel. The selected album is marked as yellow.

    Note: You can also navigate inside inside the 'Albums' module from any other module of the same campus by clicking the button at the top-ribbon.The screen is divided into two sections. The left-side grid section displays the albums within a campus in a tree format. On the right-side the same albums displayed on the folder tree are displayed as thumbnails. Once you select any of the albums (single-click) on the folder tree or click on any of the album thumbnail, the photos present inside the selected album will be displayed on the right-side of the screen.

    When the campus is selected on the folder tree (as shown in the screenshot above) at the left side grid, all the albums within the campus are displayed on the right side grid.If you click on an album (on the folder tree) within the campus at the left side grid, then all the photos within that album will appear under the right side grid. The [Upload photo] button will also appear because photos can be uploaded within an album and not at the campus root level.
    • Click onbutton to remove specific photos from album or update photo meta-information (like title, description, search tags).

    • Click on (Refresh button) to reload the current screen and the browser to look for updated version of that particular screen and display the list accordingly. Hence, refreshing the list will fetch the latest version and the list gets reloaded. This is necessary this may get updated (new album created, new photos uploaded, album/photos deleted) by another user using the same account from device, sync or any other computer while the current user is accessing this screen.

    • Click on button to create a new album.

    • Click on [More] button to get the option of removing, downloading, sharing & renaming campus.

        Once you click on any album folder, the photos within the selected album comes into view. This screen is shown below.

Right-side panel

The right-side panel displays the photos (as thumbnails) within a selected album which is present on the left-side panel. 

  • Click on a photo to view that photo in larger mode. Once you view the photos within an album, the two buttons [Upload photo] & [Create album] appear.

  • Click on button to create a new album within the selected album, thereby producing a nested album.

  • Click on  button to upload images within the selected album.


Note: Click “+” adjacent to the Campus Name. This expands the tree and enables you to view the albums.

Campus Change

You can click on  to change campus. This textbox displays the currently selected campus under which the albums and photos within albums are displayed on the screen. Changing campus will display the albums and the respective photos under that album on the Albums screen.