Follow the given procedure to send selected files to a PSP (print service provider) for printing and delivery to customer location.

  1. Select the Campus from the drop-down present at the top left-hand side of the action bar to view the folders and files under the Campus.

  2. Select the files to be printed by ticking the checkbox beside each file or select all files at once by clicking the checkbox beside the File Name column.

  3. Click on (More button) at the top right-hand corner of the screen. A number of options within a menu appear.

  4. Once the menu opens up, click Add to print cart menu item. The Add print cart button appears at the top menu of the app displaying the number of folders added in the print cart [highlighted with green rectangle in the screenshot below].

        5. Click the [Print cart] button to view the print cart screen.

The selected files are send to the nearest PSP for printing and delivery. The nearest PSP is automatically determined from the application based on your profile address (given in 'My profile' screen). After printing the printed copies of the files are delivered to your profile address. The left side of this screen displays the selected files. You can choose to remove the file from the print cart and select the no. of copies of each selected file to be printed.

The right side of this screen displays the delivery address (which is by default your profile address) where the printed files will be delivered. You can change this delivery address by clicking 'Change' link and select delivery type (either direct delivery or calling customer before delivery), select the date within which you require the delivery to be completed and any printing & delivery instruction. Also, you can view the PSP address which you can change as per your suitability by clicking the 'Change' link. You can also upload any transmittal document (if required) by clicking the [Upload file] button.

  • Click [Confirm order] button to send the documents within the folder for printing at the selected PSP.