The files present within a particular folder of a selected Campus are displayed in a list under the right side grid view. The number of files  are displayed row-wise. The Manage View feature lets you choose which application-supplied columns and which custom field column to display and also lets you create which application-supplied column & which custom field column will be displayed in which column position of the grid view.

Follow the given procedure to manage file view:

  1. Click on (More button) at the top right-hand corner of the screen. A number of options within a menu appear.

  2. Click on Custom View to set the number of visible columns under the grid section or click on Modify View to change the existing column view under the grid section. Either way, the Manage View screen opens up. This screen is shown below.

  1. From the Select View drop-down you can choose the option to create a new view structure (choosing which application-supplied column or which custom field column to display as well as determining the column position) or modify an existing View structure.
    • If you choose Create New View then you will have to enter the name of the view structure within the View Name textbox and select the access level i.e. Public or Private. Public means all users will be able to see the View structure and Private means only you will be able to see the View structure.

    • If you choose an existing view then you will have the option to change the View Name and change the access level.

  2. Tick the Set as default checkbox to make the newly created view (or modified view) the default view of all files within all folders of the selected Campus.

  3. Under the column name select the application-supplied columns or custom field(s) columns (by ticking the checkbox) which you would like to display under the Files Grid View on the Campus Folders & Files screen. Selection of 'File name' column is mandatory hence, this column will appear under any view.

  4. Select the associated column number on the right-hand side of the column names under the Position column. For example, if you select the Position as 1 for the column 'File size' then the associated column will be displayed as the first column and the File Name column will move to the position of no. 2. The number of position which you can select from the drop-down is equivalent to the number of columns available for display. For example, if there are a total of 12 columns (both application-supplied and custom field column) then you can choose the position of a column from 1 to 12.

  5. Click Save to save the created or modified View.

  6. Click Close to exit.

Note: The custom field to be included within the grid view are created from the Custom Lookup fields under Settings. Details are given here.

As an example, lets say you have selected only columns 'File name' & 'File size' ('File name' will be selected by default) to be displayed on the grid view and you have changed the position of column 'File size' to 1 from 6. Lets say you have named the view as 'Custom view 1'.

To display the files according to the newly created View or modified View (inclusion of new column & position change of existing columns) under the right-hand side grid section of the Campus Files screen, select the View from this drop-down as shown below [highlighted by the green rectangle],

Note: If you select All Fields from the drop-down then all the fields associated with the files will be displayed.

Now, select the view as 'Custom view 1' and the columns to be displayed as well as the column ordering will be as per your selection under the Manage View screen.