This section describes the process of signing into the ARC Facilities application.

Step 1: 

Enter the ARC Facilities application URL ( in the browser address bar. The ARC Facilities  sign-in screen appears, as displayed below.

Screenshot below displays the Sign in screen:

Step 2:

Enter the sign in credentials (email/username and password) and click the [Sign in] button.

Alternate Step 2 (for Single Sign On - SSO Users):

Click the ‘Sign in with SSO’ link (If you have a Single Sign On account instead of a standard account) to open the SSO login screen, as displayed below.

Screenshot below displays the SSO Sign in screen:

Step 3:

Enter the Email ID to navigate to the IDP (Identity Provider) access screen. 

The screenshot below displays the IDP Sign In screen (here the IDP Okta is used as an example):

Step 4:

Once the IDP access screen appears, enter the Active Directory (AD) credentials (username & password) and click the [Sign In] button. The My campuses screen displays. The user is now successfully entered the application.