This section describes the process of logging into the ARC Facilities application. Steps of logging into the application are illustrated below.

Step 1: 

Enter the ARC Facilities application URL ( on the browser address bar . The ARC Facilities application sign-in screen appears, as displayed below.

Screenshot below displays the Login screen:

Step 2:

Enter the sign in credentials (email/username and password) and click the [Login to ARC] button to sign in to ARC app.

Step 3:

Click the ‘SSO’ link (If you have an Active Directory (AD) account with ARC instead of a normal account) to open the SSO login screen, as displayed below.

Screenshot below displays the SSO login screen:

Step 4:

Enter the Email ID to navigate to the IDP (Identity Provider) access screen. 

The screenshot below displays the IDP login screen (here the IDP Okta is used as an example):

Step 5:

Once the IDP access screen appears, enter the Active Directory (AD) credentials (username & password) and click the [Sign in] button. The My campuses screen displays. User is now successfully entered the application.