The ARC Facilities application is a separate application with cloud, mobile and sync components. In this application users can create the separate campuses (each project is called a campus). Each campus (project) can have multiple modules. These modules cater to the various facility related information of each campus. This application acts as an umbrella for accessing separate modules under each campus. Modules are listed below:

  • Buildings – Provides users a  display of the location of campus buildings on a map. This file is hyperlinked to the detailed maps and plans of all the campus buildings.

  • Equipment – Provides users a list of their current ‘Equipment’ and allows them to search for information related to campus equipment.

  • Forms – Provides users a means to create and manage current ‘Forms’.

  • Emergency – Provides users a menu that allows them to view and access emergency information.

  • Tenant Improvements (TI) – Provides users a view of all tenant improvement documents.

  • Folder & Files – An easy to navigate and structured format that contains all the folders and files present in the application.

  • Albums – A container that is used to store  all the images that have been added to the campus.

  • Teams – This module contains various teams and team members, who have the access to the campus.